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December 2017

Funding bid success!

A lot to do and will shortly be posting up an information page. We should be able to put on a show by Easter, with a few trial runs and experiments. Will start putting a programme together for a full season starting in the Autumn. We could do with more people on the team - to join the committee if you want to run things, or just be available to help. Email or phone 01629 822170

Information Page

I'm collecting useful information here;documents, links etc to help with first stages. Still working on it 13 Dec INFORMATION


Middleton by Wirksworth, Derbyshire DE4 4LQ | Secretary: Pamela Butler 01629 822170 email | October 2017

Plenty of room for a cinema here!

Our village hall main floor is 25 x 50 ft and is licenced for 160 people.

Keep up to date with developments by adding your email (and anybody else's who might be interested) to our mailing list. Write 'List' in the subject line and send:
Where are we at? October 2017 compiling second application to Awards for All.
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Who are we ?
What do people think about the project ?
What films would they like to see ?

Why have our own cinema?

Cinema for All is the community film society support organisation.
Many questions are answered on their site Scroll down and look around - it is packed with information


  • a screen - permanently mounted and electronically operated
  • digital projector
  • sound system - integrated with the existing INDUCTION LOOP SYSTEM
  • new comfier seats
  • blackout blinds

We spent summer 2017 researching into how other film societies operate and what equipment we should have (and what would work best in our village hall). We got quotes from specialist suppliers and talked to experts.

How would CINEMA MIDDLETON work?

To start with, we'll have a film night every month, showing a film selected by our members. People have told us they would also like family and childrens films, sing-a-longs and fancy dress nights.

There are many long established and successful film societies already in Derbyshire; Tansley, Holloway, Chelmorton, etc - some of them are listed here:

Where do you get the films from?

Cinema For All - which supports community cinemas (we are members!) has over 800 films to hire for around £85. Booking-scheme.

British Film Institute


Independent Cinema Office
There are many other sources, ways and means.

Who could use the village cinema equipment?

With a little training anyone could use it. We'll have a team of volunteers trained up so that we can run film sessions for different groups.


We're a group of 20 people living in Middleton who started meeting in January 2017 in response to the Village Hall Committee callout in the Village Pump for more people to make use of the village hall.

We are all residents of Middleton (except one) : Sue Stockwell (Acting chair, Village Hall Committee), Jorge Araya, Judith Berrisford, Dan Bradley, Jacob Butler (Village Hall Committee), Pam Butler (secretary), David Casey (Parish Council), Hilary Casey, Mike Coveney (Village Hall Committee, Chair of School Governors), Christine Gilmour, Jim Gilmour, Elizabeth Johnson, Peter Johnson, Jane Monaghan (chair Village Hall Committee and Landlady at The Nelson pub), Linda Rawlinson, Rob Rawlinson (treasurer and Parish Council), Helen Reynolds, John Sedgwick (editor of "The Village Pump" and Parish Councillor),

Come and join us

We need: people who like working with equipment and are willing to be trained in how to operate it; people who enjoy film to be part of the selection team; people to do publicity, organise membership and tickets, help set out chairs and put them away, organise refreshments before during and after the show.

We keep the village updated through The Village Pump (which is distributed to every household) and through the Middleton-by-Wirksworth Facebook page

CONTACT: phone 01629 822170
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What do people think about our idea for Cinema Middleton and what would they like to see?

We asked village groups and organisations and distributed a questionnaire at the "Celebrate Middleton" event on 17 July, as well as having lots of conversations:


Cinema Middleton has asked the primary school if we would endorse their bid for funding support to establish a village cinema - which we are extremely pleased to do.

The Cinema committee and other organisations will have described to you the wide range of activities that characterise this active and creative village, where new initiatives grow and flourish, and traditions and heritage are celebrated. The launch of a cinema should appeal to a wide range of people of all ages who will welcome this opportunity to meet and enjoy a wholly new village experience. High quality technical presentation, locally-provided food and drink, and the buzz of a village event will be an unbeatable mix.

This is an especially exciting development for the children who live in and around Middleton and attend our school, who I know will really be enthused by the idea of 'our own cinema'. Events would have a very special ambience, contrasting with the cinema-chain venues, which in any case are more than half an hour away. It is vital to community sustainability that the village offers activities and experiences that children can enjoy and value now and for the future.

The school will also benefit directly from the cinema because we use the village hall for whole-school events such as stage productions, end of term/year presentations and assemblies. A good quality screen and sound system to match the size of the hall will be infinitely preferable to making do with a classroom projector and a portable screen. We would also be able to use online resources, such as sports coaching, dance and music, in a bold and engaging format.

The advantages of the proposed cinema are that it will provide a new entertainment and cultural hub for everyone in and near the village; give current users the chance to enhance their use of the hall; and attract new users from the village and further afield to a hall which is an important local asset. I couldn't commend it more strongly.

Mike Coveney Chair of the Governing Body Middleton Community Primary School


I think that it's a great idea and would wish to support it. As far as church is concerned we might think about putting a film on during lent, for instance as part of a discussion about issues raised by the film. In the past we have used Chocolat and the King's Speech,and they were very popular. We are currently thinking about something for next year. On each occasion we have projected on to a small screen in one of the churches, but I can see the benefit of having a bigger screen and better sound.
Canon David Truby

Village Hall and Pub

Jane Monaghan;

I am the landlady of The Nelson Arms which my husband and I have developed as a community pub serving Middleton. Working daily in one of the very few social hubs for the village, I become aware of the views and opinions of the whole spectrum of village people. Not everyone belongs to the wide range of community groups that our village boasts but, let me assure you, everyone has a view on what plans and projects are afoot. Since Cinema Middleton was first talked about , local people have been enthusiastic about the concept and are looking forward to a time when they can regularly see films.

There are people, both young and old, who cannot access the cinema experience as there is no public transport coming back into the village after seven o'clock and taxi fares make a visit to the cinema un-affordable. Older community members in particular do not have the confidence to go to a cinema alone but they would go to a cinema in the village as they would feel comfortable attending a community event. Films made for the cinema are best seen on a large screen and shared viewing far outweighs watching a film alone at home on a small screen.

As well as running the local pub, I am also currently the chair of the Middleton Village Hall committee. The Hall has a small but committed group of volunteers who manage the day to day running of the Hall which has charitable status. Our funds are hard earned and there is no doubt that Cinema Middleton would play a part in maintaining the Hall as a community resource. The Hall is possibly the only space in the village large enough to accommodate Cinema Middleton and the committee are totally supportive of this initiative.

I first moved to Middleton six years ago and prior to that have always lived in areas with easy access to opportunities to watch films and share social experiences. Middleton has grown in size since I have lived here but, apart from the pub, there has been no increase in the availability of opportunity to meet others socially. Cinema Middleton would definitely provide a much needed forum for local people to contribute to the social health and cohesion of our Community.

Other Village organisations an individuals

"We don't have a car so are never able to go to the cinema in Chesterfield or Derby. In the winter when we have dark evenings it would be wonderful to have to go out locally even once a month to mix with the local community to enjoy a good film and a social evening out.

"Because I live on my own it would be good to go out and socialise again, it is a long time since I saw a film on a big screen."

"I won't go to cinema on my own, but would go and feel comfortable with the whole village around."

"It would be a good social evening for all the village - of all ages."

"A very good idea. It has needed something to bring the different ages of the village together."

"A good idea. It could cater for all ages. If you have not got a car the last bus out of the village is 7.15."

"An excellent idea: these village cinema groups are rightly proving successful in enabling small communities to enjoy a social event not reliant on private or public transport."

"Loop system for hearing impaired, must be able to hear"

"Please sell popcorn and/or coffee"

"No popcorn"

"Childrens films Sat early evenings"

"Where we used to live had 'flix in the stix'& they provided food/supper in theme of movie as part of ticket price, bring your own drinks, worked really well."

"Family film nights."

"Middleton Ladies Group would like to have a cinema to hire, to have a 'Sing-along Film' or just a favourite film night, we can all walk to the venue which is a bonus too."

We used to go to the cinema at Hulland Ward - they were great nights. They had big armchairs.

"Cinema Middlton is a great idea. It would be a good idea to have a 'long list' of films, and ask people to vote on what they would like to see - that would be very democratic and really involve the community. "

"Very good idea for the village. Ease of access (no parking required). Sounds very flexible to cater for all age groups. Really hope it takes off!"

"A good way of bringing people together and great for anyone keen on film who doesn't have transport."

"The village hall is a perfect venue for film nights - good acoustics and lots of room and parking but we will need comfy seats."

"Older people without transport cannot go to the cinema as the last bus to the village is 6.45pm. It would be a social event for all the community to see a film and chat together in the interval over tea, coffee or a glass of wine."

Good idea for a community to come together. Children need to be included.

Very good suggestion.

Looking forward to it. Willing to help.

Good idea

Great idea, can't wait.

Good idea. Would allow easy and safe access for the local community. Would allow those without transport to see films. Could have alzheimer or dementia-friendly showings.

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Questionnaire answers collected at "Celebrating Middleton" event (in no particular order!)

What films would people like to see?

  • Family
  • Action
  • Comedy
  • World cinema
  • Animation
  • Modern classics
  • French art
  • Sci fi
  • Any Documentary
  • Sport
  • Adventure
  • Classics
  • Drama
  • Musicals
  • Sing Alongs
  • Childrens (Sat cinema?)
  • Thriller
  • Foreign films with subtitles
  • Old classics
  • Wildlife
  • Westerns
  • British
  • Seasons of Italian
  • French from pre-war & post war
  • Romance
  • Anything!
  • Real life stories
  • Themed films
  • Period dramas
  • Disney
  • Chick flicks
  • Independent & international films that we wouldn't necessarily otherwise know about
  • Shakespeare themed evening - Midsummer Nights Dream picnic blankets (Ed; what's that about then?)
  • Live music
  • football events
  • streamed Arty stuff!
  • Ballet/ opera!
  • Bergman - "Fanny & Alexander". 5 hours in 5 episodes. Two sessions with an interval? Sounds a heavy number but actually very entertaining and the whole village would love it. Good for Christmas holiday time
  • Ones we've missed
  • Art films
  • "Rififi" one of the first and best films noirs
  • Local/local interest films/old footage/archive
  • Themed nights based on countries
  • Hitchcock season
Er - well that seems to cover everything!

Thank you Middleton people! Cinema Middleton started out as just an idea. What followed really took us by surprise; all the encouragement, support, suggestions and enthusiasm! This is clearly something the village wants and needs. We are doing everything we can to get it off the ground.

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Snaps from the "Celebrating Middleton" event at the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust. We promoted Cinema Middleton, talked to villagers and circulated questionnaires, with a raffle prize.

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